About Coaching

Maybe it goes without saying, but I really believe in coaching and I honestly believe that everyone could benefit from committing to intentional time spent getting to know themselves better. I want you to invest in this kind of work, with me or with someone else, because I believe the world is a better place when people are living awake, conscious, intentional lives.

There is power in giving yourself the opportunity to explore the wilderness that is you. In coaching, you are exploring all of who you are so that out of that conscious place you can create and manifest the good things you want to make happen in the world. With a coach, you go further than you might have gone on your own, and see things you might not have otherwise noticed.

No matter what you are up to in the world, there are common threads in the experience of coaching. At its core, I often describe coaching to be about identifying and bringing awareness to the places in your life where false voices have power and control and then envisioning and exploring your True Self, your best self - your unique expression of the Divine in the world.  As you get in touch with that person, you can live out of that place more, which in turn impacts your life and the world at large. Growing in conscious awareness leads to freedom of choice - not only in what you are doing but also in who you are being. The perspective you may be feeling stuck in is not a law of gravity - it is something chosen - and it can be changed! Sometimes all that is needed to make a shift is shining light on our ingrained ways of thinking and allowing ourselves to dream of something different.

It sounds intense and heavy, and it can be. AND it is also a fun, inviting process where you can play, create, imagine, dream, and try on new ideas. Anything goes and it is totally safe. It is a place where you can air out all your failures, laugh at them, cry at them, and somehow come away feeling connected and whole. There is a feeling of worth. Afterwards, you go, 'wow' we’ve unpacked some really big things - but it was fun!!

I am not afraid of anything that might show up in a client. I will not be scared away by the depth of a person and I am not afraid of engaging deep or ‘hard’ emotions with playfulness or intensity (or sometimes both!). I am not afraid to ‘fail’ either, because coaching is not about me, and how I come across. It is about you and your change and transformation.

Ultimately, YOU are the one who grants the coaching relationship power by choosing to commit to the investment and really engaging in the process.  I am continually inspired by the ways my clients fight for their own growth and wellbeing and throw themselves into the work of really living.