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"Sarah does not see me as someone to fix, but rather reminds me that I am a strong, resilient, and resourceful woman with a reservoir of inner wisdom"

Over the course of our coaching relationship, we've journeyed into areas of loss, identified voices of inner resistance and fear, welcomed home parts of me I'd lost touch with over the years, explored my vocational desires, redesigned relationships, named new intentions, chose new trajectories of action, and celebrated forward momentum and change. 

Our meetings often contain laughter, sometimes tears, and always respect. I appreciate that Sarah does not see me as someone to fix, but rather reminds me that I am a strong, resilient, and resourceful woman with a reservoir of inner wisdom. Together we have accessed that wisdom. If you are going through a period of transition, or if you are longing for a change in your personal or vocational life, I can recommend Sarah without reservation.  You will come away from the experience changed.

- Anne (Pastor, Mom)

Sarah has an incredible way of facilitating self discovery and realization.  Sarah never told me what I should do, but rather, empowered me, worked with me, and prompted me, until I was able to discover actions and strategies myself. Learning from my coaching sessions lead to practical strategies for stress management when I was struggling with the pressure of my Paramedic practicum.

The most valuable session I had with sarah was discovering my core values.

I was amazed how in one hour she was able to help me simplify all my passions and interests into six driving values for my life.  Since then this has been a compass I have used to guide me in life decisions.  I was able to make the difficult decision to make a move and a career change because I had a clear sense of what I really wanted my life to be about.  Sarah not only helped me in the big picture of these transitions, but also through the long slow process of working toward change. Sarah helped me identify steps to take to work toward my goals.

- Heidi (Paramedic)


"Sarah is a gifted listener, able to synthesize thoughts and ideas and reframe them in such a way that brings focus and applicability to the topic of each session"

I spent eight coaching sessions with Sarah in the spring of 2016. Through Sarah’s coaching, I was able to explore areas of my life and my thoughts that I hadn’t before.  Sarah listened, encouraged, challenged, and guided me in ways that have been helpful in aspects of my life including career, identity, family, and community. She communicates clearly, thoughtfully, and respectfully. Her use of interactive/imaginative activities and roleplaying are highly effective and engaging, bringing vivid representation of real-life situations as well as enabling realization of the person I strive to be. Sarah pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways that were very helpful and facilitated personal growth. I continue to use what Sarah has taught me through coaching in my daily life. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah as a coach

- Andrew (Biologist)

"helped me see more of who i am and who i want to be."

After living overseas for 6 months and unexpectedly having to move back, I found myself in an unwanted season of transition with a blank slate ahead of me. Sarah was such a gift to me in this time. While I thought I was getting life-coached to figure out my next steps, I didn’t realize I was getting coached on things that would impact my whole life. It may sound like an exaggeration, but I learned things about myself that I don’t think I could have done without someone like Sarah who was able to listen well, ask intentional questions and draw connections that helped me to see more of who I am and who I want to be. Life-coaching with Sarah was a valuable part of my unfolding story.

- Katy

"my clearest memory - her challenging me to visualize & define my best self."

There were a number of points in my life where major changes were inevitable and life seemed to be moving too fast for me to really process it all. In a few short years, I made two big transitions in my working life, unexpectedly fell pregnant, and made a major geographical move. Sarah’s wisdom and guidance helped me to process and embrace these changes from a place of confidence and a clear sense of who I am. Her questions are pointed but gentle and get to the heart of the matter, guiding me to understand myself better. She is kind and non-judgemental, a totally safe space, but she also challenges me and pushes me to be the best version of myself and believe in myself. This is my clearest memory - her challenging me to visualize and define my best self. This is one of many practical and hugely helpful tools she equipped me with during our coaching sessions.  

- Sophie (Photographer, Mom)

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"she really hears the heart of what you're saying and is adept in drawing out that meaning"

Working with Sarah made a significant difference in my life. Deciding that you could use some help can be a bit daunting, it was for me, but once I reached out to Sarah, her genuine kindness and authentic support made doing the work I needed to do feel attainable. In sessions, it's evident that Sarah brings her whole self, you know that she is committed to walking through this with you, completely present. She is gifted at listening, but more than that, she really hears the heart of what you're saying, and is adept in drawing out that meaning. Our work together really helped me heal some insecurities, and I definitely saw benefits in my relationships as well. Sarah saw and called out my potential, and gave me tools and strategies to learn and grow into that potential. I am so grateful that I invested in this work.

- Whitney (Counselor, Mom)

Life coaching with Sarah has been such an encouraging and transformational process. Sarah has a unique gift of active listening and perceiving deep meaning in conversations. She helps me to process through my thoughts and feelings by asking thoughtful and intentional questions and has encouraged me to open my eyes to my life, thoughts and emotions. For me, it is often easy to allow life to go by without much consideration, but Sarah has challenged me to be present in the moment, to embrace delight, and to pursue willing obedience.

She has showed me how to engage with my true self, to recognize and sit with “hard” emotions instead of brushing them off.

Coaching has encouraged me to examine my life and see my responsibility to be intentional in pursuing change, but instead of this pursuit being driven by guilt and self discipline it has become an overflow of joyful desire to be who I was created to be. Life coaching with Sarah will change you not into something new but into who you truly are if you allow yourself to engage in the journey.

- Melissa (Community Development Worker)