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pregnancy & birth

When I became pregnant with my first child we were filled with awe and excitement. Then there was nausea and exhaustion, and strange body changes, and major emotional ups and downs. I felt like a whole different human. Heck, I had a whole different human living inside me! Everything in my life was changing. I had to adjust many of my expectations as I discovered my capacity was far different than what I had imagined. Whatever your story with pregnancy - you are in transition, and there are changes coming you have yet to discover.  

Transition Coaching can serve you during any stage of pregnancy and is uniquely tailored to your needs. Imagine gaining clarity, insight, and confidence in exploring topics such as (but definitely not limited to):

  • Body changes

  • Relationship changes

  • Career changes

  • Energy and capacity changes

  • Priority or value changes

  • Your desired birth experience

  • Navigating prenatal decision making

  • Postpartum planning

  • Parenting philosophy

Birth is an event that marks a point of change in your life. Birth is physical, emotional, and spiritual and it requires time to process. You are likely making time during this season of your life for medical appointments and physical preparations. It is equally valuable to prepare yourself  mentally and emotionally for the experience to come. 

Transition Coaching in preparation for birth or to process a past birth can offer support and clarity around:

  • What kind of birth you desire

  • Exploring the perspective you want to hold through birth

  • Navigating relational dynamics within your support team

  • Getting clear about what you want and need and gaining access to the ability to communicate that clearly

  • Processing a traumatic birth experience and discovering healing and a new perspective