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workplace transitions

After over 10 years of working within the nonprofit sector, I have been part of a lot of organizational transitions. A transition in leadership, a change in organizational direction, mergers, acquisitions, and other major workplace changes have big impacts on the health of the system and the people within it. These changes may not be happening to you, but they certainly affect you and everyone within the team. Navigating this transition well as an organization will depend greatly on how equipped the individuals are and how well the system is set up for change. Even if it is just a feeling that change is on the horizon, taking the time now to make those next-step decisions with clarity will set you up for the future.

Whether you are a leader looking for support for yourself, for individuals within your team, or for your organization as a whole, individual or group coaching can serve you in this process of transition. Transition Coaching adds accountability, guidance, and encouragement as you navigate what’s ahead (including but not limited to):

  • Changes in Team dynamics

  • Conflict or differences in vision or direction

  • High consequence decision making

  • Merging of organizational cultures

  • Impacts on your personal life as a result of changes at work