hi, i'm sarah

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Intuitive, authentic, creative, direct, and fully engaged

Often described as a thought leader, activator, listener, educator, and coach. 

As a trained and internationally certified coach, I have years of experience working with women and men through a whole range of life transitions - from pregnancy,  parenthood, and physical moves, to career changes, identity questions, new relationships, and loss.

I do not have any interest in telling you how to live your life (it’s enough work figuring out what I’m doing with my own).  

I am interested, however, in journeying with you to uncover your deepest True Self: unpacking beliefs that are holding you back, equipping you with new tools and perspectives, and growing your consciousness of who you are and who you are becoming.

In short, I want to champion you through your next transition. Let me support you in allowing whatever is next to change you for the better.


my story

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Born and raised in Vancouver, BC...

I studied Forest Sciences at UBC, followed by working for a North Vancouver environmental consulting firm. Though I love the city, I am equally at home in the wild. 

My mountain-man husband and I spent some years in the Alberta Rockies running an adventure-based leadership program for young adults.  We explored life’s questions about faith, identity, philosophy, and community, while climbing mountains, caving, whitewater canoeing, mountain biking, rock and ice climbing, and backpacking. As I worked there as a mentor, I discovered a gifting and a passion that led me to coaching.

After the birth of our first child, we moved back to the coast where we lived and worked as a family for a faith-based environmental non-profit in Surrey, BC. There, I worked as a coach and mentor to the team and oversaw the residential internship program. We lived holistically: sharing meals over meaningful conversations, engaging in scientific research and conservation, farming the land, and welcoming others into a unique way of life. 

We have finally landed and set down some deep roots in the BC Okanagan. We love to tend the earth on our little property to produce a bounty of food and beauty, and we love to go exploring as a family in the local hills and lakes. We are seeking ways to incorporate the values and lessons from each season before, into this new way of life.

I am also 'Mom' to two strong, beautiful, passionate, creative daughters. Mothering them has been the greatest course there ever was in leadership and personal growth!


my promise

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I'm as human as anybody...

With my own strengths and weaknesses, victories and failings, I seek to live this life with purpose and intentionality, building deeply into relationships. I believe in being open and honest with who I am while creating space for you. No judgments!

I did not find myself in coaching because I thought I had all the answers to life’s questions, but because I am full of questions, and love using them to help others uncover truth within themselves that they might not have otherwise discovered.