New Date Coming Soon! | Perspectives on Pregnancy, Birth & Parenthood
Owning an empowered perspective starts with bringing awareness to whatever perspective you are currently holding.  Our perspectives shape the way we see and experience the world. Through embodied exercises you will bring awareness to the underlying feelings and thoughts you are holding about the upcoming changes in your life. With new awareness and intention you will step into the perspective that will set you up for the best possible outcomes.

2 hr workshop | 1620 192 street surrey BC | $35 pp

January 13th 2019 | Visioning for Motherhood & Parenthood
Your instincts are a good place to start, but we all know that reacting in the moment sometimes leaves us wishing for a "do-over". When you set intentions, and consciously envision how you want to parent before needing to put it to the test, you have a greater chance of recalling those plans and sticking with them. So what does your vision look like? 

2.5 hr workshop | 1620 192 street surrey BC | $40 pp

New Date Coming Soon! | Intention Setting from a Values-Driven Place
What do you value? Family, friends, career, community, success? Would it feel wrong if you didn't say one or all of those things? We often think we know our values based on what they 'should' be or what we want them to be.  In my work I've discovered that so many people identify with values atypical of these common ones - values that truly make them who they are. 

Learn to set intentions for your day, week, month or year based on your true and unique values. 

2.5 hr workshop | 1620 192 street surrey BC | $40


  • Values discovery exercise & capturing

  • Intention setting exercise with workbook

  • Declaration & sharing

Motherhood coaching Circles

Women have been gathering in circles for centuries to share wisdom and build connection. In these virtual circles we design safe space to unpack and explore your best selves. You will practice courageous vulnerability as a group and learn through your own journey as well as the through the stories of others.

Book individually - Next group starting soon!  Contact me for info.

Or book as a group - Contact me to find available times (minimum 5 people).


  • Individual consultation call prior to start (30 minutes) - optional

  • Discovery questionnaire

  • 7 group coaching sessions (90 minutes each)

  • Weekly homework to be completed in your own time

  • Paired calls with other participants to deepen learning between sessions

  • Individual check-in call mid-way or at the end (30 minutes)

Investment - $350/person

speaking engagements

If you're interested in having me speak at your next event, meeting or conference, let's chat. As a seasoned coach to hundreds of individuals, I have witnessed the undeniable similarities of our human experience while charting a transition in life. And what I know to be true is: our ability to see beyond the challenges is made possible by the knowledge that others have made it through as well. 

My purpose for speaking to larger audiences is to share the value of acknowledging transition, building empathy around our shared experiences, and offering practical tools to navigate transition while feeling whole.